Generating valuable research insights

We conduct and support a wide range of fundamental, applied and clinical research to advance transfusion and transplantation medicine in Canada and around the world.

Our Centre for Innovation supports the creation of new knowledge through research, and we facilitate the implementation of research findings through knowledge mobilization. Our fundamental research fuels innovation.

Our product and process development work supports problem-solving in the blood supply chain, contributing to improvements in safety, quality and efficiency. The clinical guidelines we develop and the professional education and public awareness activities we undertake inform and strengthen the transfusion and transplantation healthcare community.

The products and services we help to develop don’t emerge suddenly, through a flash of invention or a discovery in the lab. Each is the result of thousands of interactions among researchers, physicians and the Canadian Blood Services team. Moving forward, we’re committed to working even more closely with academic researchers and medical professionals to bring effective products and services from the laboratory bench to patients’ bedsides.

Health Canada evaluation and renewed funding for our research program

Our Centre for Innovation receives funding from multiple partners, including Health Canada, which follows a rigorous performance management process.

In 2017–2018, Health Canada reviewed our research program to assess its performance and continued relevance to the blood system — and ultimately its impact on patients across the country.

The evaluation covered the past five years and included a literature review, document and data review, and interviews with key participants. The evaluation process concluded that our research efforts are relevant, effective and efficient. It acknowledged their progress toward identified outcomes, and praised their cost-efficient and effective operation.

  • Relevance: There is a continuing need to address emerging threats to the safety of Canada’s blood system.
  • Effectiveness: We’re making tangible progress toward defined outcomes:
    • Stakeholders are applying the knowledge generated from research.
    • Training highly qualified personnel is expanding health-system capacity.
    • Surveillance data continues to show low prevalence of blood-borne pathogens.
  • Efficiency: Our blood research and development program is operating smoothly and cost-effectively.

Following this successful evaluation, we submitted a proposal to Health Canada and secured funding for another five years. This funding complements the support we receive from provincial and territorial ministries of health, from other research finance partners and through our own fundraising efforts.